The benefits of Group Travel

Group Travel is the perfect way to see the world.

It’s more enjoyable!

Group travel is great fun !  Surrounded by like-minded people you will share in new experiences with a mix of travel companions making the trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Saves you money

Groups benefit from special rates at hotels, restaurants and attractions, including free places.  By sharing these across the whole group it brings the price down or a nice reward for the Group Leader for their time spent making all the arrangements.

Make new friends

Group travel provides the opportunity to make new friends and get to know members of your group better. Don’t worry there will always be time available for quality “me” time if you want it.

Support from others

Be prepared for the unexpected, its the joy of travel.  If there is an emergency or something unfortunate happens, there will always be someone there to help and support.

See more and do more

Organised group travel gives you the chance maximise the things you can do in the time available.  Agree the itinerary to suit your needs, make it as jam-packed or as relaxed as you want – it’s your choice.

Get outside your comfort zone

Being part of a group and sharing experiences can often give you the confidence to try new things. Be it new food types, activities or simply seeing something through different eyes, you will come home enriched.

We pride ourselves in making it easy for group leaders to arrange their travel plans. What’s stopping you – get planning !

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