Travel is good for your health and well being

Travelling to new places isn’t just exciting and fun, it is known to be good for you. Not only does travel have physical benefits, it can support improved mental health as you experience new sights, sounds, smells and even flavours!

The top 5 health & well being benefits of travel

1. Move it

Travelling with a group is the perfect way to head out to see the world, improving your health and well being.  It forces you to get outdoors into the sun and fresh air and become more active without even realising it.

2. Think differently

Whether it’s a city break to Amsterdam, adventure tour to China or simply a long weekend at Disneyland® Paris you will be experiencing new things.  Make new decisions,  think differently, learn new skills or be distracted from routine, it is great for your mental health.

3. Say NO to stress

From the planning to setting off on your travels, getting away is proven to increase happiness and refresh your thinking. Travel with the right attitude and challenges will be short lived. You may even feel a great a sense of achievement, leaving you with the urge to want more! Head to the Italian lakes or Valencia for some sun and relaxation.

4. Challenge yourself

Challenge your norm can reinvigorate you with a new found freedom.  Try new activities in Barcelona, discover new flavours in Vietnam, or open your eyes to alternative ways of life in India. The world is full of possibilities to discover if you get out there.

5. Get Social without Social!

Travel is one of the most social activities you can have. Share your experiences in person, not on your phone – it is enlightening and enriching Many long-term friendships are born from travelling together.

The benefits of travel are clear to improving you mental health are clear. A happy head boosts your emotional health and immune system. What are you waiting for – get planning and check out all the great travel options COGO Travel have.

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