The wonderful world of learning at Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland Paris

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

Disneyland Paris is an amazing experience for students, with a diverse range of hidden learning opportunities, as well as being fantastic fun.  COGO Travel as Key Partners have delighted over 100,000 students with trips to the resort. We are proud to be the experts in school trips to Disneyland Paris!

It’s always easy to talk about the fun and excitement that the parks bring, and we would challenge anyone to not let their inner child out, as they step through the gates onto Main Street. However, when discussing a trip to the resort with School teachers & college lecturers, we are often asked how to justify the trip’s educational value.

Read on to discover the hidden learning opportunities, which will inspire your students and let their imaginations grow:

Modern Foreign Languages

As Europe’s number one attraction a trip to Disneyland® Paris is a fantastic opportunity for students to embrace and develop their French skills, talking to the cast members, reading park signs and menu’s in the restaurants.

With a diverse range of visitors and employees from surrounding countries, they will experience a variety of languages as they explore.

Business Studies

As part of the annual COGO Travel Business of Travel & Tourism convention, students gain an understanding of how the resort has grown over the years to be so successful.  The convention itself provides exclusive access to the speakers from Disney, who discuss the corporate structure and explore how the brand is marketed across the world.


Discoveryland will take students on a journey into a futuristic world of space travel, challenge their minds to think differently, testing their nerves as they take to the rides.  View science in action all around as they take to the rides and experience first-hand speed, energy forces & velocity in action.

Did you know? – Space Mountain in the Paris resort was the first attraction in the world to integrate a synchronised onboard audio system or that Autopia travels 2,000 Km per day?

Creative writing

Disneyland Paris is a land of storytelling and fairy tales be it Pirates, Princesses or action hero’s all will inspire young minds to create their own stories.

Performing Arts

Often described as the greatest stage show on earth everyone working at Disneyland Paris is an actor from the characters to the cleaning staff.  At Walt Disney Studios® Park, see amazing stunts being performed and take the behind the scenes tram tour.

Join the COGO Travel team for our exclusive Time to Shine event including the opportunity to take part in the Pre-parade, perform on a Disney stage or take a workshop with the Disney cast.


With a series of live music events throughout the year from various genres, music is at the heart of the resorts. In partnership with the Disney Performing Arts team we are able to organise for groups to perform in the park and attend workshops where cast members work with groups to try out new techniques and perform to park guest.


With the Art of Disney animation, feed your students imagination and learn about the birth and legacy of Walt Disney animations. See classic clips and animation demonstrations, as Disney Characters from all eras take shape. Students can even try their hand at crafting some magic to complete the interactive experience.

Film making

Unlock the secrets of animation at Walt Disney Studios® Park.  An introduction to the art of film making can be discovered in the cinematographic park.  Join the crew of Armageddon and discover the history of special effects.

Did you know? – The unusual three-tiered hedge landscaping around Art of Disney Animation is a tribute to Disney Animation’s use of the multiplane camera system to achieve an unprecedented illusion of depth in animated motion pictures.


With millions of visitors to the resort every year, it provides a great case study from which to explore the social and environmental impacts of tourism.  As you would expect from such a world-renowned company the resort provides huge benefits to the local economy and is operated in a sustainable way, to minimise any impact.

Teamwork & relationship building

The parks are a great place to set your students team challenges and tasks working together as teams.  We can provide study material and quizzes tailored to combine fun and learning.

Physical and mental health

Get your students outdoors and active as they explore the parks and rides. With so much to do and see at Disneyland® Paris its hard not to have an emotional high when spending time in the Disney environment.

American History

The parks are designed to bring to life days of old – take a tour on the Disneyland railroad powered by 4 authentic steam powered narrow gauge trains. Walk down the 19th century American themed main street with vintage cars and horse drawn carriages.  Visit Frontierland to explore the wild west by paddle boat

Let COGO Travel support you to inspire your students with a trip to Disneyland Paris and imagine the excitement and thrill of a group of school children entering the resort for the very first time!

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