Not all classrooms have four walls !

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.

We never stop learning, whether it’s as we progress through education, develop our careers or experience the challenges life presents.  In fact some of the worlds most successful people, such as Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg still dedicate at least 5 hours a week to active learning as they travel the world.

As an education and leisure group travel organiser, we firmly believe travel provides a fantastic opportunity to learn and that’s not just limited to the School trips we arrange.

We have all studied the varied History and Geography of the World, picked up at least the basics of Modern Foreign Languages or tried making different foods from across the globe. But how amazing to have first hand experiences of testing your Spanish in Madrid, exploring the Roman Forum in Rome, taking a cooking class in Vietnam or seeing an active volcano in Iceland!

No matter what your age, travel will broaden your horizons introducing you to new ways of life, develop greater self awareness and bring context to all the things you have read in a book or seen on TV.  Here are our top reasons why we believe travelling makes us richer.

Travel and learning a new skill

Taking just an hour a day to enhance our learning is even easier when travelling. Whether you have a keen interest in History or a passing interest in the Arts, to immerse yourself into the culture, stories and sites of a country, will give a deeper understanding and knowledge of your host, which will stay with you forever.

Free from the confines of the classroom, many students are able to put into context what they have learnt during the school term, whilst on a school trip.  Many teachers agree that these trips supports their students academic attainment and increase classroom engagement back at school.

We actively include practical experiences into every itinerary we create for our groups, be it chocolate making in Belgium,  sampling geothermal energy in Iceland or performing on stage at Disneyland® Paris its hard not to learn something new.

Increased social and self awareness

Getting away from the normal routine of life and out of your comfort zone, is a great opportunity to sample new foods, experience alternative cultures and discover new approaches to life.

For students on a school trip, whilst they may feel they know their teachers and fellow students well, the experience of living with them during the trip will expand inter personal skills, respect, patience and leadership.  Teachers often tell us new friendships form as alternative common ground is discovered amongst children.

Travelling as a group on a leisure trip whether its with colleagues or friends & family, will give you a new perspective as you meet new people and learn about their experiences and outlook on life.  Time away gives time for reflection and challenging your own approach to life, making it richer in the long term.

Improved language skills

There is no better way to develop language skills, than when it becomes a necessity.  Whether its a simple shopping trip to a local market or ordering from a restaurant menu, the locals are generally supportive of anyone having a go at speaking their language.   Travelling on a group tour has the added advantage of varying levels of language skills amongst fellow travellers, which can be shared – if all else fails then your local tour leader will be on hand to help, if you all get stuck.

Want to take your learning further?  A language immersion trip is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with a local teacher, learning more about the language for a few hours a day, before then practising it with your fellow students in local restaurants and shops.

Greater creativity

It has been scientifically proven that travel stimulates the mind compared to being at home, as you see, smell, touch and hear so much to wake up your mind and creativity.

Some of the most famous writers were great travellers – Ernest Hemingway for example spent time in Spain, France and Africa. Fashion designers take inspiration from around the world and architects incorporate the style of the moors and colonial settlers, in many of their modern day buildings.

No matter what your travel experience, you will return home with new stories, having seen some amazing sights and developed a taste for alternative cuisines.  For students this experience is fantastic fuel to feed their academic studies, bringing new life to their course work.  Leisure travellers find the encouragement to think differently opening up new hobbies and reinvigorating old ones.

Why not use your learning hour today to research a new travel adventure !

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