Krakow Covers All Bases!

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Students studying BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism at Shrewsbury Colleges Group decided between themselves, that Krakow, Poland was the place for their overseas residential trip and chose COGO Travel as the company to take them! Here’s how they got on….

The decision-making behind the trip

As part of their course, students were set the objective to not only decide where to go and which group travel company to book with but, to also take turns working as a team and leading different parts of their trip. At Shrewsbury Colleges Group, group tours play a key role in helping students to develop both their leadership skills, increase their destination knowledge as well as utilising what has been learnt in the classroom.

When choosing a travel company, the students made their decision based on what the tour included, the level of service they received, price of the tour, communication and recommendations – COGO Travel came top and Sean Murphy, Sales Account Manager for COGO Travel, worked with the college to ensure the school trip included everything they needed whilst communicating with the Group Leader throughout the whole process.

And we’re off…

In June Shrewsbury Colleges Group embarked on their trip to Karkow. For many of the Travel and Tourism students, Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Wieliczka Salt Mines were the highlight of their tour. Auschwitz focused on the atrocities of the Holocaust and World War II which, although very sad and shocking at times, most students felt that everyone should go there at least once in their lifetime to understand what really happened. The Salt Mines added a different dimension to their tour, with a labyrinth of passages, giant caverns, intricate salt carvings and amazing underground saline lakes.  A definite ‘must-see’ for any tourist and combined with time spent exploring the old town, the itinerary ensured the students had an amazing time discovering Poland’s second largest city, learning about the history and culture, as well as ensuring time was spent sampling the local food.

The value of a group educational tour

The time flew by, but all agreed it had been a successful 3-night trip in Poland which Shrewsbury Travel and Tourism students left feeling more informed about the city as a whole, and understood how it has become such a popular tourist destination. They also benefitted by improving their leadership skills, gaining more independence amongst their peers and understanding the values of an overseas educational trip. When asked “what other students would benefit from going here?” answers included: history, language, geography and even catering students. It truly is a destination that covers all bases and somewhere that should be visited a least once in your lifetime!

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