How to get the most from your travel budget

Budget is always the first conversation we have with all our groups, and is about where they want to go and what they want to see, but more importantly what their budget is.  Having supported groups making travel arrangements for the last 30 years we are experts in making your money go further and the following are our top tips:

Look at travelling outside of peak season

Budget is important, wherever you go it’s going to be expensive in the school holidays, so we always recommend travelling during term times if possible. We are often able to negotiate great deals with hotels and travel providers during October to April which we can pass onto you as an effective way of reducing your tour price and getting best availability.

Consider travelling by coach

Travelling as a group by coach is generally the most economical and convenient way to plan your travels. We will arrange with you for the coach to pick you up at a central point and you will have its services throughout your trip for local excursions

Larger group sizes

By managing your price, we will support you in growing the number in your group. As some of the costs such as the coach are shared out across everyone travelling the more people the cheaper it gets, and therefore most of our coach trips are based on 44 travellers. We have plenty of ideas and resources to help you promote your trip if you are struggling with numbers, just let us know.

Stay in a hostels or hotels outside the city centre

We will always source good quality and safe accommodation for you and have a range of modern hostels we can offer to keep costs down, they have come a long way from our perception of them and have en-suite facilities and are bright vibrant environments perfect for groups. If planning a visit to a major city such as Paris or Barcelona, consider staying just outside the city where prices will be cheaper.

Think about what and where you want to eat

Many of the hotels we work with will off meal options from ‘room only’ to ‘full board’. Eating in your hotel is often cheaper than eating out, we can suggest group restaurants to add into your itinerary.

Include free excursions in your itinerary

There are always lots of options for free visits to museums and attractions in any city. We have access to group prices for great value, especially during off peak dates.

Ask us about the best value destinations

There are some amazing destinations to travel with your group outside of the capital cities and well know tourist sites. Swap Paris for Bordeaux, Madrid for Valencia, we have plenty of ideas for alternative locations, which aren’t as crowded or expensive.

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