The History of how Disney® has embraced the LGBTQ Community

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The Magical world of Disney® has long been a firm favourite of many members of the LGBTQ community.

And as Disney® sets to embrace the magic of Pride with a celebration of diversity at their Magical Pride event at Disneyland® Paris on 1st June 2019, you can’t help but wonder if the motivation is also about embracing the pink pound!

Celebrating diversity is not a new concept for Disney®, as long ago as 1938 they introduced their first character who broke gender boundaries. The film focused on a bull called Ferdinand with long eye lashes, who was more interested in smelling sweet flowers, than fighting. Not long after came The Reluctant Dragon in 1941. A friendly dragon who liked nothing more than poetry, music and making friends with the knight sent to kill him.

There was a time in the early 1950’s due to the Hay’s code when Disney® had to re-imagine some of their characters to meet the required guidelines, but this was short lived and by the late 1960’s the Code was abandoned.

In 1991 Disney World Resort®, Florida hosted their first Gay Day which now attracts over 150,000 LGBTQ guests each year. By 2007 the first same sex wedding was hosted as part of the Fairy-tale wedding package, in 2013 Disney World Resort® hired its first openly gay President and in 2017 Disney’s Andi Mack became the first Disney Channel® show to feature a main character’s coming out story. Whilst Disney® may not be overtly loud and proud, they are certainly engaged with the community and through their films, parks and company culture have focused on equality and de-stigmatising the LGBTQ community.

COGO Travel are equally proud to support the community and are pleased to announce that as a Preferred Partner of Disney® we will be celebrating Disney® Pride in June 2019 at Disneyland® Paris. It’s an extra special Pride weekend which promises to be one of celebration and love for all! Featuring exclusive access to top attractions, the Disney® Pride March of Diversity, a DJ set with special guest performances, a karaoke theatre and a ton of glitz, glamour and fabulousness!

If you’d like to join us for the fabulous Disney® Pride at Disneyland® Paris on 01 June 2019, simply grab a group of friends and get in contact: / 01273 020 528

For more information visit—Saturday-1st-June-2019

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