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So….you know which trip you want to do, you’ve got the numbers, you know how much it’s going to be, now all you have to do is pay for it. Does the thought fill you with dread? Don’t worry we have a whole host of fund-raising ideas guaranteed to bring in the £’s and help you on your way! But…. remember, you’ll need to plan ahead – first decide what you’re going to do and when, promote them to ensure maximum exposure and watch the pennies and pounds come rolling in!

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  • Organise A Raffle – Ask friends and family to donate prizes, promote the raffle and some of the best prizes, sell raffle tickets for £1 each, remember to agree at date to draw the raffle too.
  • Cakes and Biscuit Sale – Get your friends together and decide what biscuits or cakes you’re going to make. Sell them to people at your dance school, as well as the Mum’s, Dad’s, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Offer a range of different priced goodies from £0.50p to £1, you could even sell whole cakes for more! Also, if your dance school is putting on any shows, why not ask if you can sell your cakes as refreshments to the audience. (as long as you’re not meant to be on stage!)
  • Car Wash – Speak to your Head Teacher or Principal at your school/dance and see if you can organise a car wash in the school car park. Advertise around the local area and hold the car wash in your school car park, make sure you have plenty of sponges and buckets. And, don’t forget to ask the parents and teachers to bring their cars along too. Charge £5 per car.
  • Torture the Dance Teacher – Let the dance students loose on your teachers to help raise funds, don’t be too unkind but something like wet sponge or custard pie throwing is good. You’ll be amazed at how many students will want to take part!
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  • Hold A Book Sale – Take a look around your home, you’re bound to have books that you no longer look at or no longer need. Books are often great to sell as they tend to be in tip top condition and it’s a great excuse for a clear out.
  • Errands – Offer to do errands for your parents. grandparents or even your neighbours for a small charge. Errands could include, weeding their garden, popping to the local shops for them, washing their car etc
  • Dog Walking – If you’re a dog lover then this is a cracker of an earner! Not only will you get to spend time with your favourite animal, but you’ll make money and get some exercise. However, do remember, like us, animals have personalities too so make sure you only dog walk for people and dogs that you know.
  • Bake Dog Treats to Sell – You can find a range of sweet and savoury dog treat recipes on the internet – use search engine Kiddle (a safe search engine for kids). Once made, head to a local park where people walk their dogs and sell…sell…sell! Be sure to include a list of ingredients though as the owners will be asking.
  • Onesie/PJ Night – always a popular one, all the students turn up to dance class wearing a onesie or pyjamas and make a donation for the pleasure of doing so.
Jar of sweets
  • Guess How Many Sweets in The Jar – who doesn’t love sweets? Guessing how many are in the jar is a great way to bring the pennies in. Who will get the closest and win the sweets? Top tip – don’t forget to count them as you pop them in and make sure you write it down somewhere safe.
  • Quiz Night – you could organise a range of quizzes aimed at the kids or parents, entry could be £5 per team, make sure you sell refreshments too and make even more money!
  • End of Term Open Day – invite parents, siblings and grandparents along to watch some of the material you have been working on, with the option of them participating too! Charge your guests £2 to watch and £1 to join in. It will be lots of fun and laughter for those participating – a chance to for parents to embarrass their children (teenagers mostly) and children to get their parents/grandparents out of their comfort zone and learn some dance steps. Lots of fun and a great money spinner!
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  • Bingo Night – An enjoyable way of raising funds, charge £5 per ticket (for adults only) which includes a glass of wine or soft drink and their first bingo card. Then sell additional cards for £1 each, glasses or bottles of wine, soft drinks, hot dogs, burgers and treats as various prices. You could even have a kids’ round with prizes whilst the parents’ round is for cash. Cover your costs and the rest goes into the fund. You’ll be surprised at how much money you’ll make.
  • Smarties Galore – Easy to do and tasty too. This is where the Principals/teachers buy a tube of smarties for each of their students (head to Poundland or somewhere similar and buy a 4 pack for next to nothing), then ask all the students to return the smarties tube full of 20p’s or even £1 coins.
  • Street Displays – share your talent with the local community by organising adhoc street performances and collection buckets BUT… make sure you have a permit, you can obtain one for free from the local council. It will also help advertise your dance/performing arts school whilst raising funds for your trip.
  • Bring in The Dads – Let the Dad’s earn some cash with sponsored leg waxes! This is an hilarious and fabulous way to have some fun, raise cash and get the Dad’s involved.

The key to fund raising is making sure the students are involved and planning it. Encourage lots of friendly competition amongst your students to get them excited about the trip, as well as making them feel like they are part of the process. Try not to worry too much about how much money you must raise. The collective effort to raise the money will bring teachers, parents, students, and the community together and before you know it you’ll have raised enough for your trip.

Good luck with your fund-raising efforts –
if you come across any others feel free to let us know.

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