CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency that’s Rocketed!

CEO of RocketMill

CEO Sam Garrity has successfully led RocketMill for over 10 years. This digital marketing agency began as a self-funded start-up, serving micro businesses but has grown to become one of the UK’s top 20 UK digital marketing agencies.

However, Sam’s media career began in the editorial team at The Express newspaper before migrating into the advertising team. He then moved between The Express and The Daily Mail – helping launch a national newspaper and a national magazine in the process. His desire to learn more about other media, led to a management position at Clear Channel Outdoor. Here he headed up a team who helped businesses leverage the brand building power of Outdoor; whilst ushering in the era of digital outdoor.

However, Sam always had the desire to ‘go it alone’ and, before long his dream became reality when presented with the idea of launching RocketMill. Sam seized the opportunity with both hands! His role as CEO has involved crafting and implementing the vision for the agency. As well as leading the development of both their short and long term strategy, ensuring promises are delivered to both to staff and clients.

The Business Lab gives your students the chance to gain a rare insight into the world of digital marketing. Learn how Sam Garrity has created a successful award-winning business utilising the principles and practises of digital marketing, working with a range of big-name brands including Hitachi, Gatwick Airport and Bauer Media.

Discover what sets his agency apart from others and how they develop and define strategies that unite organisations and marketing. This is not just any agency, it’s also one of the 12th Best Places to Work (as per The Sunday Times). And, we can’t wait for Sam to share his knowledge at The Business Lab.

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