Britain’s Fastest Snowboarder comes to the Business Lab!

World Record Breaking Snowboarder

Introducing Jamie Barrow, someone who developed a passion for snowboarding at the age of 8 years old. It started as something that he just really enjoyed doing, little did he know where it would lead to. Snowboarding was a channel he used to get away from the struggles he had at school with dyslexia, and the feeling that he would never achieve anything. It wasn’t long before Jamie was spotted at the try-outs and selected for the British junior snowboard team.

Later he discovered boardercross, where he competed and won races resulting in him joining the Senior British Snowboard Cross Team. All was well until he suffered a bad accident in one of the competitions. However, the accident encouraged Jamie to push himself further. His goal was to go to the 2014 Winter Olympics, but, disaster struck again. In one of Jamie’s qualifying runs for the Winter Olympics, he suffered a serious accident. This resulted in doctors telling him the soul-destroying news; that he would never walk again.

Somehow, through it all; Jamie used his belief, strength, determination and drive to prove doctors wrong when he became a Guinness World Record breaker for the fastest speed on a snowboard (twice).

Students at the Business Lab will be truly inspired by Jamie’s story and his belief, that you can achieve anything if you want it bad enough. His goal is to keep pushing his limits further and continue to go faster than anyone has ever been on a snowboard​. You may also be interested to know that Jamie has previously attended the Business Lab as a student. So it’s a pleasure to welcome him back as a presenter!

Jamie is currently sponsored by Sony. And, has recently returned from Norway whilst filming with Top Gear! Jamie also uses his skills and strengths as an Athlete Mentor and has launched Snow Fit Retreat whilst becoming the snowboard sensation he is.

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