Newcastle College Head to Berlin!

Berlin Workshop Street Art

In March, Newcastle College embarked on a trip to Berlin for 3 days/2 nights. Berlin is Germany’s largest city and has played a major part in history including World War II and story of the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall. Hence, this city is a definite must for any history buffs and often a focus destination for school and college history trips. However, some may be surprised that this trendy city also has the wow factor when it comes to art, design and architecture.

Creative Hub of Berlin

The creative hub that is Berlin; offers an array of art suited to all tastes including traditional art, contemporary art, urban art, modern art, graphic design and more! You’ll find a multitude of galleries and exhibitions focusing on a range of styles throughout the decades. You can also embrace so many examples of different art, design and architecture simply by walking around the city and looking at the many buildings and relics, all bound to set your creative juices following! One of the students commented by saying, “Such a great city to visit, especially for the creative arts, I got loads of primary research and it’s allowed me to think of potential ideas for future projects!”

Art Gems Discovered

Newcastle College were aware of the importance that Berlin plays in the art world before booking a tour with COGO Travel for their Art, Design and Graphic Design students. The tour incorporated a Street Art Workshop where the students were given the chance to have a go and produce some excellent pieces of artwork themselves…….

Architectural Delights

It was a firm favourite with both teachers and students but, they also enjoyed the architecture and style of The TV Tower – an iconic symbol of Germany’s capital city. Standing at 368 metres high; it’s one of Berlin’s most visible landmarks, with viewing platforms and the revolving Sphere Restaurant. A masterpiece of construction with an internal steel frame, ‘climbing formwork’ and concrete shaft. Also, a delight for anyone studying architecture and design or, just someone interested in this awe-inspiring structure that provides amazing views across the city of Berlin.
Newcastle College also discovered a treasure trove of art delights focused on history, by incorporating a visit to Bernauer Strauss, a street displaying the direct impact of the Berlin Wall. The border literally ran directly in front of the buildings situated on the East Berlin side of the street. Today, part of the wall can still be seen with large concrete blocks combined with marker posts showing where the wall once stood, again for any art student the combination of the two is artistic in its own right. (insert images) Then there was the Jewish Memorial, the students embraced the layout, style and design of this impressive memorial, it is indeed like no other and is of both historical and architecture importance. One student agreed by saying “Absolutely loved it, want to go back already. The history along with all the creative stuff like museums and art galleries made the trip super interesting.”

What did the Group think?

Group Leader, Lucy felt the whole trip played such an important part in their learning, when asked, she commented “The trip helped the students gain lots of primary research for their coursework and they really enjoyed the Street Art Work shop. It provided the opportunity to experiment and produce some great pieces of artwork using different styles and materials. The tour also gave students the chance to experience German culture with a focus on arts.” She continued with “I’m glad COGO Travel were recommended to me by my fellow teachers. The content of the tour was great, and Sean our Sales Account Manager was a huge help! The students enjoyed the trip and I firmly believe it will help them with their BTEC in Graphic Communication.” The students agreed too by saying “Class! Much cheaper, lots to do and we had a great time, seemed super organised too” another chipped in by saying “It was a lot cheaper than I expected, and nothing like a City in the UK such as London, very relaxed, everyone is helpful, and the food is fantastic!”

COGO Travel offer an array of tours both overseas and in the UK covering a range of subjects and disciplines from Art and Design to Business, STEM to Geography and Modern Languages to Cross Curricular and lots more! If you’re looking to book a school trip, get in touch today.
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